FBI Costumes Are An Arresting Addition To Any Fun Party

Walk into any fun Halloween party, costume party or other festive get together wearing one of these sexy and humorous FBI agent costumes, and see what an “arresting” addition wearing one of these costumes to any party can be. This FBI Agent costume for women is both beautiful and entertaining. The costume features a full zip front body hugging jumpsuit, elbow length sleeves with a turned up cuff, and a glossy black vinyl belt with silver buckle and two rows of grommets.

For a touch of whimsy, a set of handcuffs, an FBI baseball cap, sunglasses, a badge and a plastic toy baton that looks especially cute when tucked into the belt complete the look. On the back of the jumpsuit are the words “Federal Body Inspector.” This costume has a sophisticated and chic look to it, and commands attention. Be ready to keep the perpetrators, also known as party goers, in line and obeying every law when attending a party dressed as a beautiful FBI agent.

Another version of this costume features a hot looking stylish short black cotton dress, handcuffs, and the letters FBI sewn inside of a silver lined patch on the top left side of the dress. There are additional FBI letters screen printed in gray in large silver letters on the back of the dress, adding an additional bold accent. This pretty dress has short sleeves, a collar with a V-shaped neckline, and also features a double zipper that goes completely down the front of the dress. Paired with an FBI baseball style cap and badge, hat and sunglasses, it’s another beautifully fun and unique version of an FBI agent costume especially made for women.

Either costume can be paired with knee high leather boots for a classic look, or choose a beautiful pair of classic black heels for a totally different sophisticated and pretty look. Law enforcement never looked so beautiful and amazing, and all eyes will be on the gorgeous FBI agent from the moment she walks into the room. These costumes can also be paired with other fun accessories like a black briefcase. Carry along a fun fingerprinting kit, important documents, walkie talkies and other fun FBI agent themed accessories in the briefcase for even more laughs.

Keep all of the crazy criminals attending the party in line and make sure a great time is had by all. Being an FBI agent is after all one of the most important jobs in law enforcement. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to keep these criminals in line, and a good eye for catching any spies or any other perpetrators that might be present. Hold your own version of a lineup and send any criminals to “jail.” The fun possibilities are endless, and games can be played that are centered around the theme of FBI law enforcement. Use investigation and search techniques, for example, by holding a fun and entertaining scavenger hunt. Hunt for clues at the scene of the “crime,” ultimately putting those clues together to solve a bigger puzzle.

Any woman will look amazing in one of these beautiful FBI agent costumes. She can walk in to the party knowing that she can take control of any situation. There really are over 2,000 female special agents in the FBI, and many of those are working in high profile leadership positions. Have a great time pretending to be an FBI agent looking for dangerous criminals and potential spies at the next costume party, Halloween party or gathering. Guessing games can be played centered around various scattered puzzling clues, and any party goers violating the “laws” of the party can then be “arrested” and sent to jail.

Fun and laughter are always the central themes around any party, whether or not it has a law enforcement theme. Walking into a party dressed as an FBI agent makes a pretty “arresting” entrance. The party room can be decorated using things like police type flashing strobe lights, yellow “crime scene” tape and other fun accents. Imagination is the best asset to use when hosting a fun costume or Halloween party, no matter what the main theme of the party is.

Out of all of the characters present at the Halloween or costume party, the beautiful FBI Agent will turn heads every time, and be first on everyone’s “most wanted” list. Pair this beautifully sophisticated costume with fun accents such as handcuff theme jewelry, or try on a platinum blonde wig for an extra special touch. Even the most hardened criminals will find it difficult to resist the charms of a gorgeous FBI agent when she walks into the room wearing one of these great costumes! They won’t be able to resist arrest, making the FBI agents “job” even easier. Any of the “bad guys” attending the party will be afraid to cross the beautiful FBI agent dressed in one of these stylish and chic costumes!

Perpetrators, also known as party goers will fight for their place in line for an opportunity to be interrogated by the gorgeous FBI agent, keeping things fun and interesting. Make an entrance to that next costume party or Halloween party that will be remembered for a long time after the balloons have popped and the streamers have been taken down, by wearing one of these gorgeous, chic and stylish FBI women’s costumes. Looking this fantastic should be illegal, but it isn’t. Show what membership in the FBI really means, that any woman wearing one of these costumes is not only stylish, but fabulously bold and intelligent as well.

Accessorizing Your Costume

An FBI Costume can be a great deal of mysterious fun when accessorized with all the right items. You can make your costume more authentic by adding a black brief case like many agents are known to carry. A baseball cap or hat with the letter “FBI” is another great touch for your look. Some choose to holster a toy gun on their side for added protection. Handcuffs and night stick are ideal additions to accessorize your FBI Costume. Many select a hand held radio for calling out to others during a spy operation. You can go deeper undercover by choosing a great wig.

Measuring for Your Costume

It’s a “crime” to order the wrong size FBI costume, especially since you can easily take your measurements and order one that fits you well. Chasing the bad guys is easier when you’re comfortable. Measure your waist, hips and chest, at their widest points, and note your measurements. Depending on the type of FBI costume you are looking to buy, you  may also need to know your inseam, which is the seam that runs down the inside of your leg. Compare all of these measurements to the size chart for the costume you like and see how your numbers stack up. If in doubt, order a larger size.

If you are looking for something sexy and fun this Halloween, then an FBI costume for women will do the trick. This costume will be a real treat for everyone at the party and you are sure to be the center of attraction. The FBI baseball cap, the sunglasses, badge, set of handcuffs, toy baton, belt, sexy body hugging jumpsuit with the words “Federal Body Inspector” knee high leather boots with pointed heels will arrest everyone’s attention. You can make the outfit more fun with accessories like a black briefcase, fingerprinting kit, walkie-talkies, important documents, etc.

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